Behind the scenes news from the Holstee Studio.

Newest Holstee Fellowship finalists announced! Please cast your vote to help one of these people start their dream project!

Anamarie Shreeves
“My Holstee Fellowship idea is to drive truckloads of unwanted mattresses from Washington, DC to Nine Lives Mattress Recycling, a mattress recycling facility in South Carolina. My green concept gives DC Metro residents a sustainable alternative to ridding their unwanted mattresses. It also meets an inefficiency in the recycling and mattress industries, respectively.”

Patrick McDonnell
“I’ve had this dream for a while to create an urban swing park! The idea is to turn an empty parking lot it into a public space where people of all ages can socialize and play. I believe that getting people to play is one of the best ways to create community and Downtown Dallas needs it badly!”

Nate Houghton
“My idea is to take on CLI’s biggest challenge yet: training young leaders affected by the world’s most deadly war since World War II in Goma, the epicenter of Congo’s ongoing conflicts. We will unveil a program called the Goma Leadership Accelerator to train youth to make change in the world around them. This will include seminars in leadership values and skill-building activities. Then, young leaders will put their training into practice with community impact projects. “


A couple of weeks ago I woke up with a song in my head. I didn’t know the artist or song title; all I knew was a bit of the lyrics: “…in my dreams I’m dying all the time,” and it didn’t take me long to find it was a song called Porcelain by Moby. After a couple of times of listening to the song that day, I looked for the album, Play. I started up the first song and listened through the whole album. I was hooked.

I must have heard the song originally on one of my most recent favorite Pandora stations: either Chillwave or Exotica/Lounge.
I now have a different feeling toward Moby, mostly because some weird preconceptions. He’s great! His sound is much different from most other music I’ve listened to in the past. If you’ve never given him a chance, I totally reccomend.

The finalists for the second Holstee Fellowship are here! Please vote for your favorite idea on our Facebook poll here

Lauren & Cheryl Natoli - Drink Your Juice is igniting a happiness revolution by building a platform for “happiness seekers” to connect, improve themselves and the world around them. DYJ will help subscribers increase their levels of happiness by providing relevant content and support to achieve any desired goal.

Christopher Markl - Kourage is a start-up company that leverages the tradition of Kenyan runners to create authentic Kenyan running apparel. Kourage is 100% Kenyan and African. Everything (aside from sales) is conducted by Kenyans in Kenya including design, photography, testing, accounting, and management.

Blaire Briody - "The Oil Men" will be a nonfiction book and multimedia journalism project covering the oil boom in Williston, North Dakota. What was once a small town, has been transformed overnight into a bustling nearly all-male metropolis. Because of the boom, living costs have skyrocketed, forcing thousands of men to live in man camps where the high rent will barely get them a trailer with running water. 

Beatrice Anderson - ETA will conduct a pilot program this summer through a partnership with the Flatbush Development Corporation. Middle schoolers will explore racism as a public health issue through the study of media literacy. ETA will have the opportunity to test the concept of a student-led curriculum, co-planning among learning facilitators, and the chance to further develop methodology and classroom rituals.